Persian Nativities II

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Persian Nativities:
Volume II: 'Umar al-Tabari & Abu Bakr


This second volume of the Persian Nativities series contains two books, a translation of Three Books of Nativities by ‘Umar al-Tabari and On Nativities by Abu Bakr.

’Umar al-Tabari’s Three Books of Nativities
’Umar was a contemporary of Masha’allah’s, and his shorter introduction to nativities was drawn on extensively by Guido Bonatti. This new translation supersedes the earlier Project Hindsight edition, using the Book of Aristotle and Abu Bakr to reorganize the first two books into a seamless, coherent approach to rearing, profections and annual directions. Delineation material on topics has also been compared and occasionally numbered for easier comprehension. Learning level: beginner-intermediate. (77 pages)

Abu Bakr’s On Nativities
This is the first English translation of Abu Bakr’s (Albubater’s) famous and lengthy work from the 9th Century. Highlights include a treatment of transits during pregnancy, dozens of delineations for character and behavior, medical issues, and numerous professions. Learning level: intermediate. (226 pages)

Autores: ‘Umar al-Tabari & Abu Bakr
Editora: Cazimi Press
Tradução: Benjamin N.Dykes
Idioma: Inglês
Páginas: 380
Dimensões: 16 x 23 x 2 cm
Ano: 2009
ISBN-10: 1934586048
ISBN-13: 9781934586044



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