Horary & Electional Astrology

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Horary & Electional Astrology
The Only Way to Learn About - vol.06

Horary astrology is the art of interpreting a chart set up for the moment you ask a question and then interpreting the horoscope to reveal the answer. Joan McEvers has developed a procedure. The reader will find charts from her client files that demonstrate her skills at this technique and tell you the results.
Electional astrology uses astrological principles to choose the best time to 'give birth' (whether to a baby, business or marriage), buy or sell a home or car.
Marion D. March's expertise is demonstrated with charts from her clients files, along with her reasoning behind choosing each of them, and the results.

Autor: Marion D.March e Joan McEvers
Editora: ACS Publications
Páginas: 262
Idioma: Inglês
Ano: 2009
ISBN-10: 1934976067
ISBN-13: 9781934976067

tags: horaria / elecional


Dimensões da Embalagem (Largura X Altura X Profundidade): 14 x 1,5 x 21 cm

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