Eclipse Interpretation Manual

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Eclipse Interpretation Manual

A valuable book for the serious astrologer, the Eclipse Interpretation Manual explains it all.

The eclipse is viewed as part of a sequence, its initial influence is described along with the meanings of the solar and lunar eclipses in the signs and houses and their aspects to the planets. The author covers the meaning of the Moon's Noodes and the importance of the eclipses when falling on any of the four angles. Her delineation tecniques are clearly explaned.

This is a welcome companion book to her already popular Eclipses: Astrological Guideposts.

Autor: Rose Lineman
Editora: AFA American Federation of Astrologers, inc.
Páginas: 156
Ano: 1986
ISBN-10: 0866903011

ISBN-13: 9780866903011

Tags: Eclipse / interpretação
cod: PRVS010


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