Astrology Nutrition & Health

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Astrology Nutrition & Health

Jansky explains how the signs of the zodiac relate to different parts of the body and how the houses of your natal horoscope are related to your food preferences and nutritional needs. 

He shows that the planetary aspects in your chart represent the flow of energy among the various systems of the body, which can indicate potential health problems.You will learn about the role of Saturn, representing protein in your diet, and how Venus controls the digestion of carbohydrates.

You will learn that Jupiter rules the liver and the metabolism of fats, and that Pluto shows how enzymes work. Also, you will find out how to use your planetary transits to select the best time for elective surgery.

Autor: Robert Carl Jansky
Editora: Schiffer Publishing
Páginas: 180
Idioma: Inglês
Ano: 1977
ISBN-10: 0914918087
ISBN-13: 9780914918080

tags: astrologia médica / medical astrology


Dimensões da Embalagem (Largura X Altura X Profundidade): 17 x 1,3 x 23 cm

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